The Wandering Uterus—The Wild & Wonderful Side of Women’s History went live in February, 2018. With an upbeat and (sometimes) cheeky voice, the Wandering Uterus includes original blog posts, reposts, articles and creative non-fiction pieces that reveal the lesser known side of women’s history.

Hippocrates thought all of women’s ills were caused by their wombs wandering about their bodies. Troubles with your stomach? Get that uterus back where it belongs. You have an opinion that differs from your husband’s? Your uterus has gone to your head! Centuries later, the Victorians upped the ante with jet sprays and doctor-prescribed hand manipulation to combat female hysteria … and sometimes it seems like our modern world is no more enlightened.

The Wandering Uterus is here to highlight the ‘best’ of women’s history, as well as show us how far we’ve come in a world where it feels like we just can’t catch a break.


The Wandering Uterus is curated by Elizabeth Beechwood, your typical Subaru-driving, scarf-knitting, bird-feeding tree hugger who lives on the fringes of Portland, Oregon. She earned an MFA in Popular Fiction at the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast program and her fiction has been featured in Crossed Genres and Every Day Fiction. You can visit her website at www.elizabethbeechwood.com.